This code will write log file to LogFilePath, and generate output as below. StarRange and EndRange is a variable which value will populate from other function.

"Start postion",A1
"End position",B100

Sub WriteLogFile()
 Dim FilePath As String

 LogFilePath = WriteTextBox.Text

LogFilePath = LogFilePath & ".log"
Open LogFilePath For Output As #2

Write #2, "Start postion"; StarRange
Write #2, "End position"; EndRange
Close #2

MsgBox FinalFileName

End Sub

My question is how can I remove double quotation mark from output and produce output as below. Thanks

Start position = A1
End position = B100
  • What is StaRrange - a named ranged? – brettdj Nov 16 '13 at 9:47

Write is a special statement designed to generate machine-readable files that are later consumed with Input.

Use Print to avoid any fiddling with data.

Print #2, "Start postion = "; StarRange
Print #2, "End position = "; EndRange

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