Can Eclipse make parameters for generated methods (overwriting, implementing interface, etc.) final, and if so, how?

If I'm not mistaken, IntelliJ had an option for it. I could not find something similar in Eclipse.

I have become accustomed to making parameters final manually, but I am hoping for an automatic solution.


AFAIK, that is not possible. I've not found any option to customize it under Window > Preferences > Java > Editor > Templates or under Window > Preferences > Java > Code Style > Code Templates.

Anyway, Eclipse 3.3+ comes with "save actions", an alternative mechanism for doing that. Under Preferencens > Java > Editors > Save actions it is possible to configure "additional save actions". On the code style tab there is an option to automatically add final modifiers to private fields, method parameters and local variables.

  • Would be nice if there was also an option to make functions final. – geffchang Jan 12 '12 at 10:14

It is indeed in the "save actions". Check this blog post for a screenshot: Eclipse and the automagical final

  • Your link was awesome. Been trying to do this in the new code templates for the last half hour for 10 seconds of work! – WolfmanDragon Dec 9 '08 at 20:13

There's cleanup options under 'Project' -> 'Preferences' -> 'Java Code Style' -> 'Clean up', but these can be applied after code has been generated...

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