I start to use VisualStudio 2012 and Github, unfortunatelly I do not know why I cannot commit changes. Picture shows the problem:

enter image description here

why I cannot commit&&push changes ? What should I do ?

EDIT With help console I can commit, but in VS I have following errors: enter image description here


Judging by the picture, it looks as if you simply need to stage your changes (i.e. add them to the index) prior to trying to commit. To do this in Git Gui, you either click on the icons to the left of the files under "Unstaged Changes", or you select "Stage to commit" from the Commit menu, as per this tutorial:


In case this is an issue of unfamiliarity with the way git itself works, you may want to read up on how git works with regard to its index/staging area - the book "Version Control with Git" (by Loeliger) is a good'n in this regard.

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