Is there any way of changing Wildfly's Management Realm's password through config files of some sort? I kinda lost my password (my LastPass add-on for Firefox is kinda messing up with me). If there is, how?

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Passwords by default are stored in


but passwords are hashed. Best thing you can do is to remove the user you want and then re-add it via add-user.sh/.bat script you can find in bin folder.

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  • I discovered that (and forgot to update my question here), so yeah I removed the user and re-add one. Thank you for answering! – Adam Geraldy Nov 22 '13 at 2:55

If you are using WildFly the add-user utility has the ability to replace existing passwords, just run it again for a user with the same username and it should give you the option to replace the password.

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