I've found some more very strange behavior with regards to the CAEmitterCell in iOS 6. Please note that these problems only exist when running iOS 6. And also note that I'm referring too Cells that are children of other cells. I've tested iOS 6 vs iOS 7 on both devices and Simulators.

  • In my extremely simple project linked below, if I have less than 70 objects (birthRate < 70) No Objects are created at all! So if you set it to 50, you would expect 50 to be created... but non are created
  • BirthRate for sub-Cells that spawn from other CAEmitterCells is not accurate. When I set it to 70, it creates roughly 7...
  • BeginTime is functioning very odd. Let's say my parent cell has a LifeTime of 1.6. If I set It's child cell's beginTime to be 1.5 it works correctly. But if I set the child cell's beginTime to 1.4 (which should also work correctly) no cells are spawned at all... Anything less than it's parent's LifeTime should work, correct??

Here is a video demonstrating the problems

Here is a dropbox link to the Xamarin.iOS C# Project I used to demonstrate these bugs/problems:

  • Did you ever figure out a solution to this?
    – 0xSina
    Jan 29 '15 at 13:13
  • There's no solution unfortunately. The particle emitter in iOS 6 is bugged and will not be fixed. I resorted to only supporting iOS 7 and up for my app since it relied on the particle emitter to work correctly :-\
    – LampShade
    Jan 29 '15 at 16:35

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