How can we make a rounded rectangle frame programatically, as solved with

buyButton.layer.cornerRadius = 2;
buyButton.layer.borderWidth = 1;
buyButton.layer.borderColor = [UIColor blueColor].CGColor;

in iOS 7 round framed button

but resulting in a golden ratio corner such as the one introduced in the iOS 7 icon shape; new icon shape in iOS 7
iOS 6 and 7 icon difference?


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If you want the same shape, just measure the image, eg with Photoshop and set the border radius proportional to the button's width. I did the measurement for you:

buyButton.layer.borderRadius = 0.315 * buyButton.frame.size.width;

I don't think it follows golden ratio thought. If it does, the ratio should be (1 - (sqrt(5) - 1)/2), which is 0.381..., which results in too rounded corners.

  • Very smart and simple, thank you! Will check on the original but basically, this is the formula for use with a desired ratio
    – Peter V
    Commented Nov 18, 2013 at 21:22
  • I see, it's really golden ratio. Commented Nov 18, 2013 at 21:36

There's more to the golden ratio in this template. It appears in the relative sizes of the circles in relation to each other and the width of the template. See http://www.phimatrix.com/product-design-golden-ratio/ for details.

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