I have a RESTful server that sends back to client large chunks of JSON. I had implemented the server in Grails, and to do some benchmarking I've rewrote it in vert.x.

Everything works, besides gzip compression, I haven't found a way to activate it in vert.x I've searched for an answer in vert.x site, here and in Google, and I wasn't able to find any info, so I try to get an answer by posting here :)

Is there anyway to gzip responses on vert.x?

Thanks in advance!


I think I've found the answer to my own question...

In vert.x 2.1M1 they have added HTTP compression to HttpServer and DefaultHttpServer. To activate it, you must use the method setCompressionSupported(true).

It didn't seemed to work for me, even if I used vert.x 2.1M1. It was because I am using Groovy, and vert.x mod-lang-groovy hasn't been updated since version 2.0.0.

So Java vert.x libs allow compression but Groovy libs that wrap Java ones don't. The setCompressionSupported(true) method gave me a NotSuchMethod exception.

I found a workaround. I use toJavaServer() method to recover the Java HttpServer inside the Groovy one, and I call setCompressionSupported(true) on this Java HttpServer.

And now I have HTTP compression in my Groovy verticles :)


The compression support in VertX 3.x was slightly modified.

Now it can be turned on via (Java example):

HttpServerOptions serverOptions = new HttpServerOptions();
HttpServer server = vertx.createHttpServer(serverOptions);

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