How to round time to nearest hour in Excel, for example:

67:45:00 will be 68:00:00
53:14:00 will be 53:00:00



You can use MROUND function like this


  • Hey.. is this related to any other config in the spreadsheet? It rounds too high in my setting. Jun 6 '17 at 20:30
  • Same as =MROUND(A1,1/24)
    – OGCJN
    Sep 21 '19 at 18:22

Assuming the time is in A1 this will round to closest hour.


  • Using ROUNDDOWN will force 67:45:00 to 67:00:00
  • Using ROUNDUP Will force 67:45:00 to 68:00:00

Same formula, change:

  • 24 to 48 for half hours.
  • 24 to 96 for quarters

If you are grouping hourly in a 24 hour span but the date is included in the time stamp, use the same formula but subtract the datevalue after:


This is useful if you want to see at what time of day something peaks over a period of time.


Transform it to hours (5h 15m = 5.25h) then round it

if you only have it as a string use


i use round to convert the minutes into a number


I recently had to convert times to the nearest quarter hour. I used the following sequence of formulas, which seemed to work:

=SUM(A1*24*60) - this converts the time to minutes

=MOD(B1,15) - this finds the minutes since the last quarter hour

=IF(C1>7,15-C1,-C1) - minutes needed to round up or down to nearest quarter hour

=SUM(D1/(24*60)) - converts the adjustment needed from minutes back to a days

=SUM(A1+E1) - this is the original time adjusted up or down to the nearest quarter hour

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