In the Atlassian SourceThree software I would like to have as a default filter configuration for my history [Current branch] + [First parent only]

The default one is different and it is quite annoying for me to always switch. Default filters

Thank you

  • I am after this functionality as well, did you find anything?
    – Tim
    Nov 28 '13 at 17:17
  • no, it's been weeks, posted almost everywhere, no clue yet
    – mottalrd
    Nov 28 '13 at 21:58

This feature was added to sourcetree in version 1.2.X so now its a build in option.

Click on the File Status segmented control in the top left corner.

Screenshot 1

Above the Files staged in the index area set the filters to Tree View and Show All. All of your files will appear in the Files in the working tree area.

Screenshot 2

Select one or more files and/or folders, right click and select Log Selected....

Screenshot 3

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