Sub btn1_Click()
Static value As Integer
value = value + 1
MsgBox value
End Sub

I swear when I was taking a VB.net course in college there was a shorter way to tell a variable to add '' to itself. Maybe x=+1. I am using Access now though instead of visual studio. When I try that within the VBE it removes the +. I even removed Option Explicit with no change

Assuming the answer will be no, there is no way to short-hand it & its just a peculiarly of VBA

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    @Satya No, that won't work in VBA. – Gord Thompson Nov 19 '13 at 15:48

Sadly there are no operation-assignment operators in VBA.

(Addition-assignment += are available in VB.Net)

Pointless workaround;

Sub Inc(ByRef i As Integer)
   i = i + 1  
End Sub
Static value As Integer
inc value
inc value
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    +1 coming from a cpp background I remember asking myself this question the first day I picked up VBA and doing the exact same pointless workaround haha – user2140173 Nov 19 '13 at 15:57
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    One should note that inc should be a Sub as in this case the Function's return value is discarded and not needed. Declaring it as a Sub instead makes this intention clear and doesn't leave it looking like a bug. – Inarion Apr 4 '19 at 14:34

If you want to call the incremented number directly in a function, this solution works bettter:

Function inc(ByRef data As Integer)
    data = data + 1
    inc = data
End Function

for example:

Wb.Worksheets(mySheet).Cells(myRow, inc(myCol))

If the function inc() returns no value, the above line will generate an error.

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