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I have problem with implementation of multiplication in double precision.

I have two numbers A and B. Result C = A * B

  • 1 bit sign
  • 11 bits exponent
  • 52 bits mantissa

What I trying to do:

  1. C_sign = A_sign XOR B_SIGN
  2. C_exponent = A_exponent + B_exponent - 1023

MantA = (1.A_mantissa)00000000000
MantB = (1.B_mantissa)00000000000
Temp = MantA * MantB
Temp &= 7fffffffffff000000000000
C_mantissa = (Temp >> 12)

Unfortunately I get bad result in some cases. Could anyone help me?

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What specific cases fail, and in what way? I don't see anything there looking for overflow (in exponent or mantissa), or handling of zeros, infinities, NaNs, subnormals, ... You also might need to adjust the exponent depending on the value of the new mantissa, rather than just blindly shifting the mantissa by 12... – twalberg Nov 19 '13 at 22:03
Some example: 0.956381 * 0.492440 Now I ignore problem with special numbers. – Heniek Nov 19 '13 at 22:04

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