I run statsd/graphite for my stats. My stats might look like

a.b.c.u1 = 13
a.b.c.u2 = 16
a.b.c.u3 = 18
a.b.c.u4 = 20
a.b.c.u5 = 21
a.b.c.u6 = 22

I want to get all a.b.c.$u with value >= 20.

How do I do that with graphite functions??


currentAbove(seriesList, n)

Takes one metric or a wildcard seriesList followed by an integer N. Out of all metrics passed, draws only the metrics whose value is above N at the end of the time period specified.

Draws the servers with more than 50 busy threads.

In your case, this will become-


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