Error encountered while setting a ClearCase dynamic view.

root@clearcase:~ # ct setview cc_dyn_view
ct: Error: Operation "view_ws_is_ws_view" failed: view storage directory or control files unavailable --
additional information may be present in the view server host's view log.
root@kviewsrvr:~ #

View log shows:-

2013-11-20T11:40:21+05:30 view_server(16910): Error: Operation fcntl(F_SETLK), .pid: Input/output error
2013-11-20T11:40:21+05:30 view_server(16910): Warning: Temporary server starting for unusable view at '/net/clearcase/viewstore/root/cc_dyn_view.vws'

Anyone please help to resolve this issue.

It depends on the ClearCase version, and on the view and vob server (Unix, Solaris, windows).

This thread reports a similar error, sugesting a Linux system limitation:

The size of the file table will need to be increased.
Increase the 'nflocks' kernel parameter from 200 to 400.

If it is not that, you need to check:

  • the server ClearCase logs (not just the view logs),
  • any permission issue in accessing /net/clearcase/viewstore/root/cc_dyn_view.vws.

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