Following Question:

<div id="id-74385" class="guest clearfix" style="z-index: 999;">

Given above,

If I want a XPath expression with checks both id and class, can we do it w/ 'and' condition LIKE:

//div[@id='id-74385'] and div[@class='guest clearfix']

Is this correct way? My execution fails here... Please help!

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//div[@id='..' and @class='...]

should do the trick. That's selecting the div operators that have both attributes of the required value.

It's worth using one of the online XPath testbeds to try stuff out.

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or //div[@id='id-74385'][@class='guest clearfix']

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Adding to Brian Agnew's answer.

You can also do //div[@id='..' or @class='...] and you can have parenthesized expressions inside //div[@id='..' and (@class='a' or @class='b')].

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Sample XML:

<Y ATTRIB1=attrib1_value ATTRIB2=attrib2_value/>

string xPath="/" + X + "/" + Y +
"[@" + ATTRIB1 + "='" + attrib1_value + "']" +
"[@" + ATTRIB2 + "='" + attrib2_value + "']"

XPath Testbed: http://www.whitebeam.org/library/guide/TechNotes/xpathtestbed.rhtm

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