When using IIS as a reverse proxy I want to pass through the IP address of the remote user to my backend web server. This must be done using the X-Forwarded-For header.I want only keep remote user IP in X-Forwarded-For header, which clears out any other proxy server IP.

So I using Url rewrite proxy to test if the X-Forwarded-For could be modified. this is my settings:

<rule name="replace X forward for">
    <match url=".*" />
        <set name="HTTP_X_FORWARDED_FOR" value="" />
    <action type="None" />

before my testing X-FORWARDED-FOR:

after my test: X-FORWARDED-FOR:,

Why can't replace the original value? Or is there any other way to modify X-Forwarded-For header?

Any help I would appricaite! Thanks


I found the answer.In Application Request Routing Cache-->Server Proxy Settings-->Preserve client IP in the following header--> leave it blank.


Preserve client IP in the following header:

Indicates whether the header should keep the client IP address for the specified header value. The default value is X-Forwarded-For. If you leave this field blank, then no client IP address will be passed through as a custom header to the application server.

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    When I leave X-Forwarded-For blank I get the error "is an incorrect header name. the header name must use printable characters" in IIS8. does it work in IIS 8 , or what could be wrong ?
    – Mukun
    Mar 25 '15 at 11:42

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