I need to install Win7 SDK on Win7 amd64 computer. Microsoft download page http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=18950 contains 3 iso files: GRMSDK_EN_DVD.iso, GRMSDKIAI_EN_DVD.iso and GRMSDKX_EN_DVD.iso. I wasted a few hours downloading first one, and, of course, got an error message "WinSDK_amd64.msi not found", which means: I need another ISO.

So, which one of these two: GRMSDKIAI_EN_DVD.iso or GRMSDKX_EN_DVD.iso matches my Win7 64 bit computer?

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    Expand the Install Instructions section on that page. You'll see that EN is for x86, X_EN is for x64, IAI_EN is for Itanium. – Hans Passant Nov 21 '13 at 12:06

Here are the descriptions of the three versions. (FROM MSDN)

  • GRMSDK_EN_DVD.iso is a version for x86 environment.
  • GRMSDKX_EN_DVD.iso is a version for x64 environment.
  • GRMSDKIAI_EN_DVD.iso is a version for Itanium environment.



You need to download the first one "GRMSDKX_EN_DVD.iso". This one is for an AMD64. If this doesn't work you need to get it from some were else.

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