I have a wsdl named as abc.wsdl

when I tried to generate the SEI Interface java files by this command

wsimport abc.wsdl

It generates .class files in package path a.b.c.d

but it has not generated any .java files .

Can you please tell me Why I was not able to generate the .java files ?

Actually I am new to .wsdl files.

Is it specified somewhere in .wsdl file to generate .class file and not .java file ?


How I can generate .java file ?


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wsimport utility from JDK 1.7 does generate java files but removes them after byte-code generation leaving class files only. You can use option -keep to specify that you want to have both.

wsimport -keep http://example.com/webservice?wsdl

If you don't need classes, you can use -Xnocompile option of wsimport tool.


By default wsimport generates only classes but it can be used to generate sources too with -s flag. For example make a folder src to your to-be-generated classes root folder and execute a command like this:

wsimport -s src http://example.com/webservice?wsdl

This way your classes will be as before but your sources will be on src folder. Additional info about different wsimport flags can be found by entering wsimport -help on command line.

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