In Flexform I have a tree view where I can select categories for my product. But it shows all three languages. It should only show the language that is the same as the element language.

What did I miss?

<meta type="array">
    <langChildren type="integer">0</langChildren>
    <langDisable type="integer">1</langDisable>
                        <label>Vælg kategori 1:</label>
                                <!-- ###STORAGE_PID### is set by the field GENERAL STORAGE PAGE on the page record - or a parent page record to affect a hole branch -->
                            <items type="array">
                                <numIndex index="100">
                                    <numIndex index="0">Alle</numIndex>
                                    <numIndex index="1">-1</numIndex>


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Here is a snippet that only shows the foreign entries of the same language.

<foreign_table_where>AND (sys_language_uid=CAST('###REC_FIELD_sys_language_uid###' AS UNSIGNED) OR sys_language_uid = '-1') AND tx_origproducts_domain_model_category.deleted = 0 AND tx_origproducts_domain_model_category.hidden = 0</foreign_table_where>

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