My pom.xml contains the following to auto generate a client for a working web service having the WSDL specified below:


The project builds fine, without any errors or warnings and I can see the the file myclient.wsdl in the JAR file right under a wsdl folder.

But when I try running that JAR:

  java -Xmx1028m -jar myclient-jar-with-dependencies.jar

It complains that "Can not initialize the default wsdl from wsdl/myclient.wsdl"


What am I missing?

How can I find out what path that wsdl/myclient.wsdl in pom.xml translates into, that makes the client's JAR complain at run time?

Update: I am aware of some solutions/workarounds that involve modifying the auto-generated code:

  1. Pass "null" for the wsdl URL and then use the ((BindingProvider)port).getRequestContext().put(BindingProvider.ENDPOINT_ADDRESS_PROPERTY, "http://example.com/....") to set the address.
  2. load the WSDL as a Java resource and pass its location into your service's constructor.

But I am more interested in a solution that requires entering the right values into the pom.xml like the classpath approach (but unfortunately classpath didn't work for me for some reason).

Any ideas what I should be typing there instead? Apparently this is a very simply case of figuring out the correct path rules for that particular plugin, but I am missing something and I don't know what it is.


I notice the cfx examples use slightly different locations for sourceRoot, wsdl and wsdlLocation.

Remember that typically, files in src/main/resources are included in the produced artifact. In order for files in src/main/wsdl to be included, it needs to be added as a resource in the pom.xml:



  • Set the paths you suspect to known bad paths and see if you get the same error-message.
  • Unzip the produced *.jar-file(s) and check if the wsdl is included, and what the path is.
  • +1 and accepted because that's exactly what I did to solve my problem. However, it is still a mystery to me how to find out what path that wsdl/myclient.wsdl in pom.xml translates into at run time? – Withheld Sep 4 '14 at 19:25

The error comes from the static initializer of your generated service class (which is annotated by @WebServiceClient). It tries to load the wsdl file as resource. The generator uses the value which you have provided by the parameter wsdlLocation. You should leave away the "wsdl/" prefix:


because the wsdl is located directly in the root of the classpath folder.

BTW: If you omit the parameter <wsdlLocation> the value of the param <wsdl> is used (which is not correct at runtime in your case, but would be correct if the provided URL would be a remote URL address, i.e. directly fetched from the webservice server).

BTW2: Your workaround 2 is in fact +/- what the generated code of the service class does if you use the parameterless constructor.

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