I'm looking for a .NET Add-in that reads in the contents of the Current Document window, lists the header declaration of all Regions, Subs, Functions, and Module Level Variables, and provides a simple Move Up/Move Down buttons to rearrange their order.


I find that the "File Structure Window" provided by the Resharper add-in provides most of the features you are looking for. However, it is part of a comprehensive refactoring add-in and this may not suit you.

  • You can also use automatic member ordering feature of Code Cleanup, which covers (almost) all features of Regionerate and other plugins and adds more. Oct 14 '08 at 21:19

I haven't yet used it (as I usually just code in the regions myself, or wait until I'm doing other refactoring on an inherited project), but Regionerate looks good.

  • Thanks, but Regionerate is not quite what I'm looking for. I really don't use Regions that often, but the tool would have to move Regions as a unit (or even better, allow moving members within a Region). I also do a lot of VB.NET coding and this only supports C#. Oct 14 '08 at 15:45
  • Interesting problem to have ... I don't know of any offhand. Might make for a fun experiment with VS add-ons. Odd that Regionerate is C# only; the #region syntax is identical aside from casing and VB requiring quoted strings.
    – John Rudy
    Oct 14 '08 at 15:54
  • I use Regionerate, and its very customizable and works pretty good. I think the OP is looking for something that doesn't exist, however.
    – user1228
    Oct 14 '08 at 18:55

Here is an automatic member organisation plugin that will work with DXCore. You can also see Mark Miller developing this plugin in dnrTV.


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