In the JavaDoc for a package I'm documenting (specifically, within a package-info.java file), I have a number of lines that look like {@link some.really.long.module.ClassName}, and naturally I'd like to just import ClassName and say {@link ClassName} instead, but nothing I've tried works. Is this even possible?

I've tried putting the imports above the package declaration and JavaDoc, but that shows a syntax error. I've tried putting the imports below the package declaration and JavaDoc, but then the JavaDoc process warns Tag @link: reference not found: ClassName.

  • Exceptions are thrown. Compilation errors are shown.
    – user207421
    Sep 26, 2017 at 11:53

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You can do:

This class {@linkplain some.really.long.module.ClassName ClassName} does bla bla bla...

This will show as

This class ClassName does bla bla bla...


Just use the fully qualified name in package-info documentation. JavaDoc will generate HTML without showing the fully qualified name (at least in 1.7), so the results should look fine. It's just more annoying to type.

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