The scenario: I'm merging a series of cherry-picked revisions from an SVN branch into trunk. I'm using the Subclipse CollabNet client to do the merge. Everything works great, except that in addition to the files I picked to merge, my working directory shows a series of changes that SVN thinks have changed but that I haven't chosen to merge.

If I do a diff on the files in question, it tells me there are no differences. If I do a commit, I get the screenshot below, with the mystery icon I haven't been able to find documentation of anywhere.

mystery decorator with green background and white triangle

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    +1 I encountered this icon on a directory after adding one of its files to svn:ignore - until I found this post I didn't realize the instruction to ignore files was itself committed to the repo. – Paul Bellora Feb 8 '12 at 19:32
  • This answer stackoverflow.com/questions/3917925/… has everything anyone needs to know about Subclipse icons. – pH Cito Nov 8 '16 at 13:14

That icon indicates that there are modifications to versioned SVN properties (which do not appear in the Eclipse diff GUI). In this case, the modifications are to the svn:mergeinfo property that SVN uses for merge tracking.

See this blog post for explanation:


SVN 1.7 is going to have a behavioral change in merge tracking which removes this unexpected aspect of how merge tracking works.

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