I'm creating a simple blog using ruby on rails 4. I want to be able to write mathematical equations with it. I'd appreciate if you could help me with any of these questions:

  • Is there a gem/plugin/etc which I can use to add an editor for mathematical equations to my app? Just like Mathmatical editor in MS word I could use to create an equation and it could give me the MathML code as output?
  • Let's assume that I have a form where I write the equations in Latex. Is there a gem/plugin/etc (not javascript because it will probably be a huge code and it might cause conflicts and some problems) to convert the equations from Latex/Tex to MathML before saving them to the database?


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You can use Equation Editor www.codecogs.com

This is designed to be physically integrated within a websites, allowing your users to create equations without leaving your website. There are two approaches to integrating the editor: either as a popup that can be activated from a button on your site, or as an object embedded directly a page. A range of plugins for popular editors are also available, e.g. CK Editor, Tiny MCE.

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