I'm developing a CLI app that requests access to Reminders app on OSX Mavericks. Everything works fine with requesting permission, and detecting if the user has disabled the permission. The problem I have is that I cannot completely revoke the permission from the app in my OS. The app appears in Prefs -> Privacy -> Reminders, and the most I can do is disable the permission, but I want to (again) test if the permission request is fired correctly. Is there any way to completely remove the permission, as in remove the App from Prefs -> Privacy -> Reminders?


use the CLI command:

tccutil reset Reminders

(and man tccutil for details)

  • Very true! I found the answer later, but didn't come back to share it :(. Happy to help you build up your reputation! :D – Ramiro Araujo Mar 21 '14 at 21:00

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