I am having a few related problems with the OrderBy method when generating a query for OrmLite. The following two statements work:

.OrderBy(ob => new { at = ob.SortBy, ob.Id });
.OrderBy(ob => new { at = Sql.Desc(ob.SortBy), ob.Id });

But the following statement gives me a compile error (Invalid anonymous type member declarator. Anonymous type members must be declared with a member assignment, simple name or member access):

.OrderBy(ob => new { at = Sql.Desc(ob.SortBy), Sql.Desc(ob.Id) });

And the following statement gives me a sql error (Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'ASC'):

.OrderBy(ob => new { at = Sql.Desc(ob.SortBy) });

And when digging deeper I see that the OrderByExpression gives me:



So... the semi-obvious solution/workaround now that I've been working with OrmLite for a few days is to just concatenate statements and also using OrderByDescending... for example

.OrderByDescending(ob => ob.SortBy).OrderByDescending(ob => ob.Id)


.OrderByDescending(ob => ob.SortBy) 

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