I am trying to compile the audio recorder example from Qt using my own cmake file instead of the qmake .pro file that comes with it, and I am receiving the following error:

qtaudiorecorder\audiorecorder.h(63) : error C2146: syntax error : missing ':' before identifier 'slots'

My CMakeFile:

find_package(Qt5 REQUIRED COMPONENTS multimedia widgets)
find_package(Qt5Widgets REQUIRED)
find_package(Qt5Multimedia REQUIRED)

add_executable(audio_recorder audiorecorder.cpp main.cpp qaudiolevel.cpp qaudiolevel.h audiorecorder.h audiorecorder.ui audiorecorder_small.ui)
qt5_use_modules(audio_recorder Widgets Multimedia)



#include <QMainWindow>
#include <QMediaRecorder>
#include <QUrl>

namespace Ui { class AudioRecorder; }
class QAudioRecorder;
class QAudioProbe;
class QAudioBuffer;

class AudioRecorder : public QMainWindow

    AudioRecorder(QWidget *parent = 0);

public slots:
    void processBuffer(const QAudioBuffer&);

private slots:
    void setOutputLocation();
    void togglePause();
    void toggleRecord();

    void updateState(QMediaRecorder::State);
    void updateProgress(qint64 pos);
    void displayErrorMessage();

    Ui::AudioRecorder *ui;

    QAudioRecorder *audioRecorder;
    QAudioProbe *probe;
    bool outputLocationSet;



I can't figure why I can't compile the Qt example with my cmake file (it compiles fine with qmake).

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Your problem is most likely the inclusion of


in your cmake file.

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    Indeed, when defining -DQT_NO_KEYWORDS, one must use Q_SLOTS instead of slots, Q_SIGNALS instead of signals. Nov 25, 2013 at 6:42

In Qt "slot" is a special macro. In the normal process, the MOC(meta object compiler) will be invoked first to explain "slot" into some codes that can be understood by c++ compilers. I think there are some codes in .pro files that invoke MOC before giving files to c++ compiler.

All in all, you have to invoke MOC first, otherwise C++ compiler will complaint on "slot".

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    MOC is used to generate extra source files. It's effect on programmer-made source is zero. This sounds like somewhere in your program the macro slots has been undeffed somewhere, or your source is being processed before the Qt headers have defined the macro.
    – RobbieE
    Nov 25, 2013 at 6:14
  • the keyword slots does nothing in c++ code, so it does not effect the compiler. signals on the other hand is like protected but will also add special implementations in the mocing process. the bigger question might be 'why use CMake instead of qmake?'
    – Zaiborg
    Nov 25, 2013 at 8:51
  • I thought that Qt5's CMAKE_AUTOMOC automatically does it for you for cmake. This is not a qt project. I just need to use some of its library. That library will be replaced later on down the road. We want to have working functionality to demonstrate first. Thanks for the comments and the answer.
    – swtdrgn
    Nov 25, 2013 at 13:27

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