I have created a simple JAX-WS webservice and I am running it on tomcat. I can access the WSDL file at http://localhost:8080/HelloWorldDocStyle/sayhello?wsdl. So tomcat runs at http://localhost:8080. I also have written a client for this webservice and when I run this client in eclipse it correctly retrieves response from the web-service and displays it in eclipse console.

Now I am trying to capture SOAP traffic between client and web service in fiddler. When I put above WSDL link in browser and hit Enter, that request and corresponding response (WSDL file) is getting captured by the fiddler, however when I run the client, it retrieves the response in eclipse console but nothing corresponding to this request-response gets captured in the fiddler. In Fiddler options it is listening to port 8888:

enter image description here

But I dont understand what else I have to configure in fiddler to capture this traffic between java client and the web service. Am bit weak in proxy and network stuff, but not noob, so please help.

  • You either need to set the proxy server in Eclipse to, or you need to do the same for your Java runtime. Are you on Windows or another platform? – EricLaw Nov 26 '13 at 22:12
  • yes on Windows patform – Maha Nov 27 '13 at 8:52

First you need to tick the option "Allow remote computers to connect".

Second, you need to ensure that Fiddler is setup as a proxy. This needs amending the your client so that it sends Soap request on localhost:8888 and then add manual proxy from the "Gateway" tab in Fiddler so it forwards request to your service running on http://localhost:8080/HelloWorldDocStyle.

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