I am using bootstrap tool-tip. And the normal tool-tip is shown on mouse over on the object of tool-tip but i want tool-tip popover like that is shown bootstrap documentation and i using all of .js and .css file but that is not comming proper way of requirement. And am using these some files:-

<script language="javascript">

And Html with img that hover tool-tip is open:-

<a href="#" rel='tooltip' data-placement='bottom' title="App_above_and_beyond">
    <img src="img/app_above_and_beyond.jpg" alt="App_above_and_beyond" />

And also using bootstrap-tooltip.js file

<script type="javascript" src="js/bootstrap-tooltip.js" ></script>

Check this fiddle

make sure you have this JS file

  • But i am using here a plugin list slider [als.musings.it/] that is stop working tool-tip function. – user010590 Nov 26 '13 at 7:02

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