I want to combine 3 bar series and 3 line series in one chart using achartengine.

When I specify the type of chart as BarChart and give it 3 series, things work right. The bars widths are what I set and the spacing and colouring is correct: (see image here: http://i42.tinypic.com/ifu1ap.jpg)

But when I specify the chart type as

mChart = ChartFactory.getCombinedXYChartView(getView().getContext(), mDataset, mRenderer, new String[] {BarChart.TYPE, BarChart.TYPE, BarChart.TYPE, LineChart.TYPE, LineChart.TYPE,LineChart.TYPE });

the bars display on top of each other and the widths aren't right: (see image here: http://i43.tinypic.com/2vum2xv.jpg)

Neither XYMultipleSeriesRenderer.setBarWidth() nor XYSeriesRenderer.setLineWidth() works for the bar widths.

I thought that if I added the XYSeries x values with an offset that I could fix the overlapping bars issue but then the widths of the bars are still not what I set it to be.

Does anyone know (the right way) how to make a chart that shows multiple bar and line series in one chart?


You are correct about using an offset to render the bars such as they don't overlap.

However, for spacing them, you need to use renderer.setBarSpacing(2); which means that the space between 2 items in the same series is equal to two times width of one bar.

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