I have a Rails site that I'm developing on localhost Ubuntu and I have a mobile. My site is running on http://localhost:3000.

I want to access this directly via my mobile browser not going through the internet.

Is there any way to access it via WiFi or some other way?


If your computer is accessible from internet, just enter in your mobile browser:


You could also create a local network (via wifi for instance), connect to it with your cell phone and then do the same thing.

If you are using Rails 4.2+, start the server using:

 rails server -b 

(see http://edgeguides.rubyonrails.org/4_2_release_notes.html#default-host-for-rails-server).

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    yeah and then you need like turn on the wi-fi on your phone. just saying. for some less intelligent of us, like me. – Ondřej Želazko Sep 5 '16 at 11:20

1.) get your local ip by typing:

ifconfig |grep inet

into your shell/terminal. your ip usually looks like this: 192.xxx.xxx.xx

2.) then start the rails server with:

rails server -b

3.) your application can now be reached by typing:

192.xxx.xxx.xx:3000 into the browser.


Using ngrok

So basically, you run the command

./ngrok http 3000

And you will see the output like that ngrok output

And all you need is copy the highlight URL and paste to the browser.



rails s -b IP_ADDRESS

Access mobile: IP_ADDRESS:3000

  1. First find your Ip and note it down by typing ifconfig terminal(you should be connected to wifi or network)


than run the rails server by typing

rails server -b (YOUR IP )

and press Enter SERVER WILL BE RUNNING ON YOUR_IP:3000 2. Now connect your mobile with the same network and open url



if you get ipconfig command not found on ubuntu Try: ip route to get the IP address then you can run rails server as explained in other answers.

rails s -p 3000 -b (Replace IP with your system's IP).

Now you should be able to access on you mobile browser by just entering


On rails-server machine:

  • Make sure you're running rails-server.
  • Get your IP address, I got "" for example.

On mobile:

Access through browser by using:


NOTE: Your mobiles need to have the same network with rails-server machine.

To get yourself IP address, run this command in your rails-server machine.

MacOS or Linux Terminal:

ipconfig getifaddr en0 || ipconfig getifaddr en1
# =>


  • ipconfig getifaddr en0 is for wifi connections
  • ipconfig getifaddr en1 is for wired connections



Then looking for IPv4 Address.

Running rails-server

On rails-server machine, it's okay to regularly run:

bin/rails s

If you found issue, you can try the following:

bin/rails s -b

Note: is not an IP address, it's a shortcut for the system binding call to use all available IP addresses including, localhost.

Access through http://localhost:3000/

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