Is there a complete list of Google Gears enabled sites? I'm aware of rememberthemilk.com, google docs and google calendar

  • A complete list is an impossible task, even harder than "Give me a list of all active domain names in existence" – Vinko Vrsalovic Oct 14 '08 at 17:07
  • I think while complete is sort of impossible, we can always work on a list and see if others know more. For inspiration, as in what people built with it. :) – Till Oct 14 '08 at 17:18

MySpace's message system is one of the biggest outside of Google. At least so I thought according to this article.

Other sites are:


So far it seems that:

  • wordpress.com
  • Zoho writer
  • Buxfer
  • PassPack
  • Google Reader
  • MindMeinster
  • Google Picasa Web Albums
  • MySpace (Mail Search)
  • YouTube

Support Google Gears in some fashion. (list compiled from: wikipedia, and this site here)


Listed in the order of perceived decreasing complexity of offline implementation:

  • Autodesk Labs Project Draw
  • Buxfer
  • Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Reader
  • MindMeinster
  • Myspace
  • Paymo
  • Passpack
  • Picasa Web Albums
  • Remember The Milk
  • Some Things
  • WordPress
  • Zoho Mail
  • Zoho Writer

Taken from: http://tarunupadhyay.com/2009/06/15/full-list-of-websites-that-you-can-take-offline-with-google-gears/


Gmail now uses Gears too.


Remember The Milk

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