I am in the process of setting up the wso2 php web services framework on my ubuntu 8.04 development server.

However my webservice is failing. Looking into the wsf_client.log (custom log for the framework) file gives me the error in the question.

I belive the error is returned from axis, but I have no idea how to fix it and would be grateful for any pointers in the right direction.


I'm only relaying information from the original questioner here, posted in a different forum:


thanks for the reply,

I think my issue was a wrongly setup localhost in the apache conf,

which caused the socket to try and connect in on itself.

anyways a reinstall and change of localhost fixed it for me.


Did you check /var/log/messages? If the error is at the OS level, you might have more clues in there.


On Linux, you can run your client with strace:

strace myprogram 2>&1 > myprogram.log

and examine log for system calls like socket().


Maybe you do not start the application as root but it is set to listen to a port number lower than 1024?

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