I'm using an horizontal progress bar in my Android application, and I want to change its progress color (which is Yellow by default). How can I do it using code (not XML)?

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Horizontal ProgressBar uses rectangle shape drawable for background, ClipDrawable constructed from rectangle shape for progresses (primary & secondary). Tinting changes colors to some tint. If you want targeted colors for all three separately then you can use ProgressBar.setProgressDrawable() as following:

    LayerDrawable progressBarDrawable = new LayerDrawable(
        new Drawable[]{
                new GradientDrawable(GradientDrawable.Orientation.TOP_BOTTOM,
                            new int[]{Color.parseColor("#ff0000ff"),Color.parseColor("#ff0000ff")}),

                new ClipDrawable(
                            new GradientDrawable(GradientDrawable.Orientation.TOP_BOTTOM,
                                    new int[]{Color.parseColor("#ff00ff00"),Color.parseColor("#ff00ff00")}),

                new ClipDrawable(
                        new GradientDrawable(GradientDrawable.Orientation.TOP_BOTTOM,
                                new int[]{Color.parseColor("#ffff0000"),Color.parseColor("#ffff0000")}),


Note that order of drawable layers is important while initializing LayerDrawable. First drawable should be for background. As per my experiment switching ids does not work. If you set padding to progressbar then this approach will not work. If you need padding then you can use a container for the progressbar such as a LinearLayout.

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