I have a JSON data like this. I want to create a Restful web-service that generates a JSON output like the link above.

I looked at How to Create a Restful service for a Huge JSON data using Java eclipse Tomcat7.0

I want to add this in the above condition:

status: "ok",
count: 10,
pages: 6,

previous answer is this,..


I want this

status: "ok",
count: 10,
pages: 6,
  • Instead of make the answerer run from one link to other. why don't you just state the problem and tell us where you are stuck. – Nishant Nov 26 '13 at 7:02
  • hellow sir,.. i done a Json restful web service from that above link in that i need to add this { status: "ok", count: 10, pages: 6, category:{ instead of { category:{ – Whats Going On Nov 26 '13 at 7:23

Take a look at this answer

A typical JSON is as shown below

  "address":[{"city": "Bursa","country": "Türkiye","zipCode": "33444"}],
  "phones": ["234234242","345345354"]

Java code for creating the above JSON is given below

public JSONObject getValues()
    JSONObject jsonobj=new JSONObject();

    JSONArray obj = new JSONArray();
    HashMap rows=new HashMap();
    jsonobj.put("address", obj);

    JSONArray phobj = new JSONArray();
    jsonobj.put("phones", phobj);

    return jsonobj.toString();

Those first few lines can be added as additional keys to the parent jsonobj:

jsonobj.put("status", "ok");
jsonobj.put("count", 10);
jsonobj.put("pages", totalPages);

jsonobj.put("category", categoryMap);

How you generate these variables will depend on where you are getting your data from. Is it a database for example?

The count and pages would seem to indicate that there are between 51 - 60 items available, with 10 items per page and 6 pages.

The Status variable could be used to indicate an error, so another possible value could be:

jsonobj.put("status", "error");
jsonobj.put("errorcode", "101");
jsonobj.put("error message", "big database error");

This allows the client to check the status string in the response and catch errors gracefully.

  • this is ok sir i am new can you give the entire code if possible i mean i am unable to run it,. Thank You sir – Whats Going On Nov 26 '13 at 7:46

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