I have a netCDF file with 8 variables and 4 dimensions: latitude (dim: 26), longitude (dim:17), time (dim: a lot) and level (dim:1, pressure level). In order to use it in a spcecific program I need to have only 3 dimensions: latitude, longitude and time.

Is there an easy way to delete the level dimension in each variable?

I've found ncwa -a old_dim ifile.nc ofile.nc but sometimes it converts the type from short to float. When it keeps short type the attributes "scale factor" and "add.offset" are deleted. The problem is that I want to keep the short type with scla factor and add offset.


Your method is correct, however, your input data are "packed". Repack the output file with ncpdq after averaging-out the level dimension with ncwa:

ncpdq ofile.nc ofile2.nc

and you are done. See docs here.

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