I need to delete authentication cookie manually (Instead of using FormsAuthentication.SignOut whcih for some reasons does not work). I tried

System.Web.HttpContext.Request.Cookies.Remove(cookieName); // for example .ASPXAUTH
System.Web.HttpContext.Response.Cookies.Remove(cookieName); // for example .ASPXAUTH
FormsAuthentication.SignOut(); // I don't know why this one does not work

Neither of those command work. In fact Response cookies are empty and request cookie contains the cookie I want to delete when the following commands are executed it no longer contains the cookie I deleted but in browser the cookie still exists and I am able to do things that authorized users can even after signing out.



if ( Request.Cookies["MyCookie"] != null )
    var c = new HttpCookie( "MyCookie" );
    c.Expires = DateTime.Now.AddDays( -1 );
    Response.Cookies.Add( c );

More information on MSDN.

  • I used to set the authentication cookie manually but the name was different than the forms authentication cookie name. after I changed it FormsAuthentication.SignOut() actually worked. thanks anyways – Dimitri Nov 26 '13 at 14:01

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