In Foundation, the main CSS file begins with this

meta.foundation-mq-small {
  font-family: "/only screen and (max-width: 40em)/";
  width: 0em; }

meta.foundation-mq-medium {
  font-family: "/only screen and (min-width:40.063em) and (max-width:64em)/";
  width: 40.063em; }

meta.foundation-mq-large {
  font-family: "/only screen and (min-width:64.063em)/";
  width: 64.063em; }

meta.foundation-mq-xlarge {
  font-family: "/only screen and (min-width:90.063em)/";
  width: 90.063em; }

meta.foundation-mq-xxlarge {
  font-family: "/only screen and (min-width:120.063em)/";
  width: 120.063em; }

Why are there media queries in the font-family property?


If you look at foundation.js on Github it looks like they are just using the font-family value to pass the media queries to Javascript, presumably to keep them consistent if people change the defaults in SCSS. In the CSS it's not going to match a valid font name and will just be safely ignored.

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