On my database under the t_stamp columns I have the date for example

2013-11-26 01:24:34

From that same column I only want to get the date


How can i do this? Thank You!


You can use date(t_stamp) to get only the date part from a timestamp.

You can check the date() function in the docs


Extracts the date part of the date or datetime expression expr.

mysql> SELECT DATE('2003-12-31 01:02:03'); -> '2003-12-31'


You can convert that time in Unix timestamp by using

select UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2013-11-26 01:24:34')

then convert it in the readable format in whatever format you need

select from_unixtime(UNIX_TIMESTAMP('2013-11-26 01:24:34'),"%Y-%m-%d");

For in detail you can visit link

$date= new DateTime($row['your_date']) ;  
echo $date->format('Y-m-d');
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