I have an .svg file with only one color. I want to change this color to another and export it through command line. (I have to do it about 100 times, so doing it by hand doesn't work.) I use Inkscape at the moment. I am able to change the background color and export with this command:

inkscape -f name.svt -e output_name.png -b #000080

But I cannot find the way to change the normal color. I find this verb:


But I don't know, how to add the color I want to use, somewhere I read, that I cannot add variables to verbes, but in that case how can be this verb used?

Thank you in advance.


This is not a general purpose solution, but since a SVG file is just XML internally, if your SVG file is simple enough you might be able to get away with a simple sed replacement. For example the following replaces #000000 (black) with #ffffff (white):

sed -e "s/#000000/#ffffff/" input.svg >output.svg

This may or may not be good enough for your needs.

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    awesome trick. in case it's helpful to anyone, I'll add that this method works to convert svgs with multiple colors to monochrome. for instance sed -e "s/#....../#000000/" input.svg > output.svg to create an all black svg.
    – hb_
    May 26 '20 at 21:01
  • it won't work when there is no color set, like in every svg icon in the internet Aug 22 '20 at 9:22

Although inkscape is a powerful tool, I think you will have more luck (control) with xlst tranformations. This will allow you to do anything to an xml file rather than parsing the file as an svg image and relying on the available API. You might take a look at a tool like xsltproc for this.

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