I need to take a keyspace from the server as a dump and restore that dump to my local cassandra, I know to do in mysql but how to do in nosql ? I learn from site that nodetool ,snapshot and csv file format can achieve this,but I unable to got it ?


You can do this with "nodetool". For a good reference documentation take a look here: http://www.datastax.com/docs/1.1/backup_restore

Roughly you need to perform the following steps:

  1. take a "snapshot" of the keyspace using: nodetool snapshot <keyspace-name>. This is run on the server, where you want to take generates a "snapshot". It will do that, storing a "snapshot" for each table of the keyspace.
  2. copy the "snapshots" to your local server. Do this for each keyspace table: <cassandra-dir>/data/<keyspace-name>/<table-name>/snapshots/ (look for the "latest" taken snapshot - when you take the snapshot it tells you the "name"/"ID" of the snapshot taken).
  3. in your local server, before you place the "server" snapshots do the following: stop cassandra, delete the content of that "keyspace"(again for each keyspace table: <cassandra-dir>/data/<keyspace>/<table-name>/) and then place the "server" snapshots in each respective "keysapce table" (directly in the <cassandra-dir>/data/<keyspace>/<table-name>/ and not in the "snapshot" directory).
  4. restart the local server, and you should have the data from the server in your local server.


  • Actually you have to do same operations of copying snapshots for system keyspace – Andremoniy Jun 28 '16 at 11:02

To do this by snapshot..

Command for taking the snapshot-

<-path to cassandra's bin folder> nodetool -h <-server host name/ IP> -p <-server port> snapshot

This will create a SNAPSHOT directory in VAR folder and this directory contains the snapshot

of server's current database which you can use as dump for your local server.


While nodetool is the preferred way, however if you don't have direct access to the underlying file structure, I would recommend using something like: cassandradump

$ python cassandradump.py --keyspace system --export-file dump.cql
Exporting schema for keyspace system
Exporting schema for column family system.peers
Exporting data for column family system.peers
Exporting schema for column family system.range_xfers
Exporting data for column family system.range_xfers
Exporting schema for column family system.schema_columns
Exporting data for column family system.schema_columns

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