I typed the code the same as The Linux Command Line: A Complete Introduction, page 369 but prompt the error:

line 7 `if[ -e "$FILE" ]; then`

the code is like:

#test file exists

if[ -e "$FILE" ]; then
  if[ -f "$FILE" ]; then
     echo :"$FILE is a regular file"
  if[ -d "$FILE" ]; then
     echo "$FILE is a directory"
   echo "$FILE does not exit"
   exit 1

I want to figure out what introduced the error. How can I modify the code? My system is Ubuntu.

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    Check shellcheck.net. The question is a bit old but for anyone else encountering such syntax errors, shellcheck is a great tool.
    – M-J
    Feb 22, 2019 at 20:11

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There must be a space between if and [, like this:

#test file exists

if [ -e "$FILE" ]; then
  if [ -f "$FILE" ]; then
     echo :"$FILE is a regular file"

These (and their combinations) would all be incorrect too:

if [-e "$FILE" ]; then
if [ -e"$FILE" ]; then
if [ -e "$FILE"]; then

These on the other hand are all ok:

if [ -e "$FILE" ];then  # no spaces around ;
if     [    -e   "$FILE"    ]   ;   then  # 1 or more spaces are ok

Btw these are equivalent:

if [ -e "$FILE" ]; then
if test -e "$FILE"; then

These are also equivalent:

if [ -e "$FILE" ]; then echo exists; fi
[ -e "$FILE" ] && echo exists
test -e "$FILE" && echo exists

And, the middle part of your script would have been better with an elif like this:

if [ -f "$FILE" ]; then
    echo $FILE is a regular file
elif [ -d "$FILE" ]; then
    echo $FILE is a directory

(I also dropped the quotes in the echo, as in this example they are unnecessary)

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    The reason you need a space is because [ is actually a command. Type which [ and you will see that it is in /bin/. You can write any if [...]; then command as if test ....
    – Coroos
    Nov 27, 2013 at 9:34

The solution is pretty simple. Just give space between if and the opening square braces like given below.

if [ -f "$File" ]; then <code> fi

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