I need to change the main product picture to the options picture by click in dropdown menu.

code below working perfect with vertical/horizontal radiobuttons and checkboxes but i can't adapt it for ddmenu

in /CMSModules/Ecommerce/Controls/ProductOptions/ProductOptionSelector.ascx.cs

switch (this.OptionCategory.CategorySelectionType)
            case OptionCategorySelectionTypeEnum.RadioButtonsHorizontal:

                LocalizedRadioButtonList boxListHorizontal = (LocalizedRadioButtonList)this.SelectionControl;
                foreach (ListItem item in boxListHorizontal.Items)
                    if (item != null)
                        SKUInfo sku = SKUInfoProvider.GetSKUInfo(ValidationHelper.GetInteger(item.Value, 0));

                        if (sku != null && !string.IsNullOrEmpty(sku.SKUImagePath))

                           item.Attributes.Add("onclick", "jQuery('.fancyboxProductImg').html('<img alt=\"" + sku.SKUName + "\" src=\"" + URLHelper.ResolveUrl(sku.SKUImagePath) + "\" width=\"240\" height=\"240\" />')");


Same code with changed case to ddmenu not working

case OptionCategorySelectionTypeEnum.Dropdownlist:

 LocalizedDropDownList dropDown = (LocalizedDropDownList)this.SelectionControl;
  foreach (ListItem item in dropDown.Items) 

Best regards.


Use the onchange event.

item.Attributes.Add("onchange", "js stuff here");
  • Thank you for your answer, already tried, nothing happens, thought something wrong with code above, but item.Text += ... works well for example
    – user3040642
    Nov 27 '13 at 15:57

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