I have a blog in Blogger platform. Now i want to assign two different classes alternatively for blog posts. How it will be possible?
Let me clarify this things properly. Say my blog contains 5 posts - post1, post2, post3, post4 and post5. After assigning two different classes alternatively it will be ...

<div class="posts odd_post">post1</div>
<div class="posts even_post">post2</div>
<div class="posts odd_post">post3</div>
<div class="posts even_post">post4</div>
<div class="posts odd_post">post5</div>

something like that.. Now is it possible with the help of <b:if cond='.... tags ??
Thanks in advance..


To the Best of my knowledge,this is not possible

However,here is a trick

Tag all odd posts as "odd" using lables Tag all even posts as "even" using lables

Then use Label conditional tags

Here is a link to template which uses this for different colors among different posts.


you can use css3 property,

.post:nth-child(odd) // for odd-post




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