I'd like to understand the output from RewriteLog in apache2. I have something like

...... (3) applying pattern '^/img(.*)' to uri '/api/marker/2'
...... (3) applying pattern '^/img/imagecache/(.+)' to uri '/api/marker/2' ..... (1) pass through /api/marker/2
.... . (3) [perdir /some/path] add path info postfix: /some/path/marker -> /some/path/marker/2
.......(3) [perdir /some/path] strip per-dir prefix: /some/path/marker/2 -> marker/2

Those things in brackets (Example (1),(2) etc..., the key phrases "pass through" "applying pattern" "perdir" prefix/postfix etc. I don't see nothing in manual regarding this.

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I filed this as issue #49844 at Bugzilla: "No documentation on the logging format of RewriteLog"


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