I am working with Mathematica 9 and exporting huge lists (a typical list will have dimensions of 182500,4,8,42). Each file has about 6 lists of this size (all integers, not sure if this makes a difference in lists, I know it do in other array types, anyway). Saving them is HDF5 format successfully, however, the size of the files is relatively large (1.5 GB).

Therefore, I am trying to compress the files with GZIP from within Mathematica, since they claim it is an option in the export function, which has a lot of bugs by the way.

Couldn't find any help the net after all the attempts following the documentation didn't pan out. I was wondering if one of our Mathematica enthusiasts can way in with some tips.


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The compression happens automatically if the filename ends with ".gz"

So instead of

Export["file.h5", data]


Export["file.h5.gz", data]

List of available formats and their extension

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    And to import it back: Import["file.h5.gz", {"Datasets", "/Dataset1"}].
    – Mark Adler
    Commented Nov 27, 2013 at 17:03

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