What is the best way of having two different forms for editing different sets of fields of one model.


  • I want to have two views: each view has a form to edit different fields
  • I want to have one model connected to database.

I am thinking of two ways:

1 - one controller with two sets of methods like

def edit1 .. end

def update1 .. end

def edit2 .. end

def update2 .. end

Manually add corresponding routes.

2 - two controllers and "resources" for routes like:


resources :mymodelset1

resources :mymodelset2


class mymodelset1Controller < ApplicationController

class mymodelset2Controller < ApplicationController

  • Have you tried different actions in the controllers.I think that might help – Arihant Godha Nov 27 '13 at 15:34

You don't need to do any strange thing with your controllers, models or routes, it will work 'out of the box'. The only thing to take care about is to parse the corresponding edit view in each situation.

You can indicate which template to render into your edit action with

if your_condition
  render: 'edit1' and return
  render: 'edit2' and return

Have you tried Reform Rails

It does works really well in such situations

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