I tried getting Visual Studio 2013 to work today but i couldn't get it to work. This is the error I keep getting when making a c++ window application.

The error message I keep getting:

enter image description here

I tried opening the vcxproj file in the message box, but I couldn't open that either. In fact I am unable to open any vcxproject's. This problem happens with pretty much all languages.

I uninstalled vs 2012 and 2010, and then installed vs2013.

I have tried :

  1. reinstalling the nuget extension.
  2. Reinstalling vs2013 a bunch of time and trying to repair the installation
  3. Uninstalling all traces of vs2010 and vs2012

one thing that might be important is that I used the november CTP c++ preview compiler for vs2012. I can't seem to uninstall it though

but nothing helped so far. Anybody able to help me?

  • CTP's are lethal. The uninstaller is always the last thing they get reliable, just before RTM. So they screw up the registry and convince the RTM installer that a component doesn't have to be installed because it is already present. Getting your registry cleaned up is very difficult, there's usually a beta cleanup tool but I don't see one for 2013. The only real hope you have is a restore point. A bit late for that now you've made heavy changes to the machine by uninstalling 2010 and 2012. – Hans Passant Nov 27 '13 at 19:51
  • No, I definitely don't have a restore point, and I installed the CTP months ago. – user3042966 Nov 27 '13 at 19:59

I decided to bite the bullet and re-install windows 7. Everything works again. In the future I will probably avoid downloading CTP's though or be very careful about uninstalling them.


This happened to me when I installed .NET framework 3.5 manually to install "SQL Server Management Studio" as I recall, Then I found that v. 3.5 is incompatible with VS 2013 as this page mentioned: VS 2013 Comparability

after I turned the related feature off, The problem with creating c++ projects disappeared ..

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