We have a couple of backends sitting behind our nginx front ends.

Is it possible to intercept 301 / 302 redirects sent by these backends and have nginx handle them?

We were thinging something alone the lines of:

error_page 302 = @target;

But I doubt 301/302 redirects can be handled the same as 404's etc etc... I mean, error_page probably doesnt apply to 200, etc error codes?

So to summarize:

Our backends send back 301/302s once in a while. We would like to have nginx intercept these, and rewrite them to another location block, where we could do any number of other things with them.




You could use proxy_redirect directive:


Nginx will still return 301/302 to the client but proxy_redirect will modify Location header and the client should make a new request to the URL given in the Location header.

Something like this should make the subsequent request back to nginx:

proxy_redirect http://upstream:port/ http://$http_host/;


I succeeded in solving a more generic case when a redirect location can be any external URL.

server {

    location / {
        proxy_pass http://backend;
        # You may need to uncomment the following line if your redirects are relative, e.g. /foo/bar
        #proxy_redirect / /;
        proxy_intercept_errors on;
        error_page 301 302 307 = @handle_redirects;

    location @handle_redirects {
        set $saved_redirect_location '$upstream_http_location';
        proxy_pass $saved_redirect_location;

Alternative approach, which is closer to what you describe, is covered in ServerFault answer to this question: https://serverfault.com/questions/641070/nginx-302-redirect-resolve-internally


If you need to follow multiple redirects, modify Vlad's solution as follows:

1) Add

recursive_error_pages on;

to location /.

2) Add

  proxy_intercept_errors on;
  error_page 301 302 307 = @handle_redirect;

to the location @handle_redirects section.


More on proxy_redirect, for relative locations


location /api/ {
  proxy_pass http://${API_HOST}:${API_PORT}/;
  • the backend redirects to a relative location, which miss the /api/ prefix
  • the browser follows the redirection and hits a wall of incomprehension


location /api/ {
  proxy_pass http://${API_HOST}:${API_PORT}/;
  proxy_redirect ~^/(.*) http://$http_host/api/$1;
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    Use $scheme:// instead of http:// in the proxy redirect to get it to work on https. – drake7707 Aug 27 at 12:48

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