I want to send mails and sms's in a scheduled time. i am not prefer windows service. is there any options to schedule a task in a custom time in ASP.Net ?

please suggest which is best way.

thanks in advance.


I was facing a similar problem once when my website was hosted on a Godaddy shared hosting. I wanted to run scheduled tasks for sending emails without any windows service.

Finally, I resolved the issue by the use of cache.

A cache item expires on a given time or duration. In ASP.NET, you can add entries in the Cache and set an absolute expiry date time, or you can set a duration after which the item is removed from the cache. You can do this by utilizing the following method of the Cache class.

    public void Insert ( System.String key , System.Object value , 
                     System.Web.Caching.CacheDependency dependencies , 
                     System.DateTime absoluteExpiration , 
                     System.TimeSpan slidingExpiration , 
                     System.Web.Caching.CacheItemPriority priority , 
                     System.Web.Caching.CacheItemRemovedCallback onRemoveCallback )

The onRemoveCallback is a delegate to a method which is called whenever a cache item expires. In that method, we can do anything we like. So, this is a good candidate for running code periodically, consistently without requiring any page visit.

This means, we can simulate a Windows Service utilizing Cache timeout.

You can find the entire details on the codeproject url http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/12117/Simulate-a-Windows-Service-using-ASP-NET-to-run-sc.


What about a timer callback, set it up in Application_Start:

protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
    TimerCallback callback = (x) => { YourFunction(); };
    int intervalInMS = 2 * 60 * 60 * 1000;  // every 2 hours. 
    timer = new Timer(callback, state: null, dueTime: intervalInMS, period: intervalInMS);
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    Won't work if no one is reloading the web page to trigger the code! – Fandango68 Mar 3 '17 at 4:14

Quartz.Net (http://www.mikesdotnetting.com/article/254/scheduled-tasks-in-asp-net-with-quartz-net) is a library that makes it easy to setup and manage jobs as a part of your application.


Courtesy of Jeff Atwood..

At startup (global.asx), add an item to the HttpRuntime.Cache with a fixed expiration.

When cache item expires, do your work, such as WebRequest or what have you.

Re-add the item to the cache with a fixed expiration. The code is quite simple, really:

private static CacheItemRemovedCallback OnCacheRemove = null;

protected void Application_Start(object sender, EventArgs e)
    AddTask("DoStuff", 60);

private void AddTask(string name, int seconds)
    OnCacheRemove = new CacheItemRemovedCallback(CacheItemRemoved);
    HttpRuntime.Cache.Insert(name, seconds, null, 
        DateTime.Now.AddSeconds(seconds), Cache.NoSlidingExpiration,
        CacheItemPriority.NotRemovable, OnCacheRemove);

public void CacheItemRemoved(string k, object v, CacheItemRemovedReason r)
    // do stuff here if it matches our taskname, like WebRequest
    // re-add our task so it recurs
    AddTask(k, Convert.ToInt32(v));

Your "DoStuff" is the method that triggers your real work required to run.

It's that easy!

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