i create a simple map application with SupportMapFragment and now want to display a route on it. GoogleSamples have only one example, it draws a line with Polygon, but it not create a right way, only simple line between two points :( How to make rigth route throught streets and roads?


Unfortunately it's not possible to create a route between to points automatically with Google Maps API v2. But, what you can do, it's to use the Google Direction API : https://developers.google.com/maps/documentation/directions/

And with the result, you will be able to draw a route by yourself.

  • is there maybe an update on this topic ? – Martin Jun 29 '17 at 11:40

IF any error than sorry... I dont have sure idea but this types of methods will helps you...

    public class RouteOverlay extends Overlay {
    /** GeoPoints representing this routePoints. **/
    private final List<GeoPoint> routePoints;
    /** Colour to paint routePoints. **/
    private int colour;
    /** Alpha setting for route overlay. **/
    private static final int ALPHA = 120;
    /** Stroke width. **/
    private static final float STROKE = 4.5f;
    /** Route path. **/
    private final Path path;
    /** Point to draw with. **/
    private final Point p;
    /** Paint for path. **/
    private final Paint paint;

     * Public constructor.
     * @param route Route object representing the route.
     * @param defaultColour default colour to draw route in.

    public RouteOverlay(final Route route, final int defaultColour) {
            routePoints = route.getPoints();
            colour = defaultColour;
            path = new Path();
            p = new Point();
            paint = new Paint();

    public final void draw(final Canvas c, final MapView mv,
                    final boolean shadow) {
            super.draw(c, mv, shadow);


            c.drawPath(path, paint);

     * Set the colour to draw this route's overlay with.
     * @param c  Int representing colour.
    public final void setColour(final int c) {
            colour = c;

     * Clear the route overlay.
    public final void clear() {

     * Recalculate the path accounting for changes to
     * the projection and routePoints.
     * @param mv MapView the path is drawn to.

    private void redrawPath(final MapView mv) {
            final Projection prj = mv.getProjection();
            final Iterator<GeoPoint> it = routePoints.iterator();
            prj.toPixels(it.next(), p);
            path.moveTo(p.x, p.y);
            while (it.hasNext()) {
                    prj.toPixels(it.next(), p);
                    path.lineTo(p.x, p.y);
            path.setLastPoint(p.x, p.y);


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